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99baht buffet

The "99 Baht buffet" or "Moo Kata"
It's a Great experience .. don't miss out on a well kept secret!
It's not the super cheap meal .. it's the experience ... it's a very popular eating place for Thais..     your not likely to see anything english .. but it's this simple.....
  • claim a table, 
  • order your drinks (oh so cheap) .. then
  • wonder over to the buffet table which offers an extravaganza of interesting and (dis interesting) items meats and veg ..
  • load up and when you get back to your table you'll find they have cranked up a cooking device of some sort ........ and away you go
  • it's BBQ and soup all in one a"Steamboat"......  now dont be shy the thais will love to help .....  just use the obvious hand gestures and smile a lot.... and tip well (the average staff earn as little as 3,000 baht per month)
you'll eat so much, have some great photos ... everyone around you will be smiling and the next day you'll be planning another visit   
The venues are everywhere but not easy to find because it's a locals venue so ask for the "99 Baht Buffet" or "Moo Kata ... if you ask in the tourist places the locals will appreciate your interest in their local style.... even better ask a local to take you along ..
There is a lot of History the Steamboat and cooking methods