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Travel Survival Kit

This document is designed as a survival kit, to download and print
 Beginners:  consider the linkword method (above) ....  it uses images and linkwords.
NB:  1st view "Heart Culture" (see main page) and "Basic Conversation"  (related pages) otherwise you'll put the "Cart before the Horse"!

Survival Kit

To print:  1st open the document to a new screen then print as a word document.
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don't worry about carrying a few pages,
they are handy for recording stuff, like
  • Names of new friends (Thai nicknames can be hard to remember),
  • prices of products to buy,
  • things to do or see

and ... can of course ...........

  • Pics or a Website address  / Biz card or map location, Thanks Mate
    1. Print to to PDF and copy to your mobile device, if you don't have a PDF writer Get a free PDF

    2. View a PDF version on the Bangkok Tourism E Book news stand (see section Tourism Brochures)  

    3. There are many Iphone apps for Language downloads and Translators - on this page


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