Travel Planning

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 try our travel ideas!     "Up to you"  (Lair-o dae Khun)

Undecided where to Go?  

North - Authentic, Cool climate and mountains - (tranquil)
North East - Authentic, Hot climate, The crop (farming)
Central - Dynamic, Multi cultural - (the Hub)
East - Diverse; Beaches, Golfmania, Nightlife Mania (wow!)
South - Beaches of splender, (civil unrest deep south)

  Regions and Locations, rated with summary


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þ..Ok .....
Decided where to Go!

......... Cool! now ..............

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...When to Go?

Climate/Seasons - Low and High ?
þ..Public Holidays - What's closed.. god forbid "No Beer!"
              yes certain Public Holidays - Bars are closed! and beer not for sale!!!!
þ..Festivals and Events - what's on ... "experience the event"
þ..Weatherspecify a date for a future weather forecast ... cool hey!
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How about .....  places to visit

ok...  howz  this .... a list of  Aussie Venues in Thailand .. why? ...."why not!"
         As soon as we, or you discover a venue please submit Feedback, we'll publish it (make you famous!) 
þ..locations        þ..Personal Travel Book    þ..Friendship club  see Family or Hospitality  
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General Info 

now ... about Thailand....

Thais are a gregarious and very accepting - but a little bit of respect goes a long way in finding out more about the country's people and culture. History, Location, Climate, The Monarchy, 

People/Culture/Land .....  Food, Religion, tips...'s and don'ts and more....  ENTER
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Travel info

All the stuff to make your Travel to
Thailand "better" (dee gwah)   ENTER


Travel FAQ's

 most often asked about  ENTER
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 a Tourist or a Traveler?  

To understand Thai is to understand Buddhism
Origin of many facets, attributable to the behavior Thai, is the country's dominant religion: Buddhism.
Many Buddhists believe that your current life is influenced by the amount of good deeds from a previous
life and thus your next life will be influenced by how you behave in this current life.
It is a peaceful religion that discourages extremism.

Thai put great emphasis on the middle ground and the right of all people to live their life as they think best.

 Duen-Daa Duen-Jai! (amazing!)