Don't exhaust your valuable Holiday time !!!! 
Nominal cost for a Personal Holiday Assist
save time, save money!!! 
 Personal Holiday Host

Enjoy sharing culture and friendship ........  
We help with ... 
............... places to go, haggle prices, share tips on food.
and of course when you need a friend just call..... 
Don't use your valuable "Holiday" time canvassing streets and maps trying to find out how to get there and how much to pay ...  give us a try .. we are not a commercial business just a bunch of people that care ...
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Don't worry - we don't wear uniforms  
 ............. Imagine.........a day without all the tourist facade; eat authentic Thai food with Local people, Observe local culture..... 
We started a trial Directory of Hosts and daily rates - click here   
Feedback on the experience and services is vital...
The friendship Club is a free membership for people that wish to exchange friendship with the option to assist and Host Travelers 
The concept of promoting and introducing PHH is a goodwill gesture to enhance your travel experience, whilst every effort is taken to validate the background and character you need to use your discretion
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