Tourist versus a Traveller ?
Remember... the difference !!!
a Tourist  and  a Traveller!






a Tourist compares everything to home!!!   wheres
...a Traveller appreciates

the difference!!


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to know something special

To Understand Thai is to understand Buddhism
The origin of many facets, attributable to the behavior of Thai, is the country's dominant religion. 

Many Buddhists believe that your current life is influenced by the amount of good deeds from a previous
life and thus your next life will be influenced by how you behave in this current life. 

 It is a peaceful religion that discourages extremism.
Thai put GREAT emphasis on the middle ground and

the right of all people to live their life as they think best.

 Duen-Daa Duen-Jai! (amazing!)

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 Kon Thai
Kon Farang
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