How to Avoid Tourist Traps
Whenever we travel overseas, we have a tendency to over pay for things without even having a second thought. The inhabitants know about this, and there are many store and shop owners, who just sit and wait for tourists and take advantage of them. 
Take into consideration
          • the value of the money to you and them and
          • Your desire to experience a good time - let go a little, find the middle ground!
We hope these tips ensure you have an "amazing" experience in the "Land of Smiles",  

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  • Not limited to Thailand .. if anyone suggests you have done wrong and there is a BIZARRE COST, regardless of their UNIFORM - apologise and politely request tourist Police for assistance.
Be weary of touts (airport or shopping). They will either overcharge you or take you somewhere that gives them a commission.
Use taxi meters (all have lights on top of the car). If they say the meter has broken, get another taxi. Alternatively, you could establish the price before leaving (not when you arrive) but this is unlikely to be a fair price.
  • Ask where to go shopping at your hotel. They will generally not get a commission and will know some good places.
Buying gems 
If you are unsure about the reputation of a particular establishment, check with the Jewel Fest Club or the Thai Gem and Jewellery Traders Association on (66 2) 267 5233-6. If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is! 
 Kon Thai
Kon Farang
 shake hands
If going to Patpong or a similar red light district, avoid going to upper floors of the establishments unless it is crowded with other people. Some places (not all) are known to corner foreigners in empty rooms and later present them with a false hefty bill, refusing to let them leave unless the bill is paid. If you do get into such a situation, pay the bill and then go to the police immediately.     Tourist police contact details in our "Travel info" page under "emergency phone numbers"
Bar girls ...  variety of feedback and stories based on misconception.   ... by popular demand Thai girls v's Bar Girls   more on Bar girls in Thailand Culture A to Z
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including going topless on the beaches is offensive to the Thai people and even against the law everywhere in Thailand. Some Thai ladies swim fully clothed!

Royal Family

Never speak badly about the royal family or religion. You may be put in prison for a long time for being disrespectful about the king in public. Even though everyone who has violated that law has been pardoned, they are usually left in jail for about a month. Always respect the Thai nation, king and religion. These are the foundations of Thai society.

  • Don't step on any denomination of money to keep it from getting away from you as it has the king's picture on it. 
    •  More on this in Travel Info - FAQ's 

Please see our Do's and Don'ts , contents such as:-
 [Wai]  [The head is a temple]  [affection is private]   [temper - don't lose face] [shoes/footwear ]  [gifts]  [never say No]  

Thai Love

Understand it is a very “Thai love Thai” Society. When going to a temple (wat) always dress respectfully - shirts (not sleeveless) and long trousers. Leave your shoes at the door. Don’t point your feet or touch the head of a Buddhist monk or even a statue of Buddha. The head is the highest point of the body and the feet the lowest and therefore highly disrespectful.

Please be assured Thailand is a wonderful friendly place
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