Author  - Australian - Neil Hutchison
A collection of books that look at the reality of life - with a lot of laughs

Money Number One

The Single Man's Survival Guide to Pattaya

"Every single heterosexual male (and even those who may bat from both sides) who comes to Fun Town for the first time and even those who have been here on more occasions than they care to admit, should avail themselves of a copy of this book. It may not stop you making mistakes in the war with bar girls, but at least you will realize you are not alone. The book is well written, fast-paced, never dull and quite humorous." Nightmarch, Pattaya Mail

"Pattaya is like Disneyland, except the rides are better"

"The main danger in Pattaya is from cars and motorcycles. ... motorcycles go everywhere in Pattaya - on footpaths, beaches, up stairs, down escalators, through restaurants. Nothing is impossible ..."

"Make sure that you always carry small change with you, particularly 5 Baht coins. You would be surprised just how many drivers do not have change for your 20, 50 or 100 Baht notes."

"Many fa-lung have deluded themselves into thinking that their importance to the lady is higher than it really is. When the push comes to shove, he has been sadly mistaken."

"The only way to make a fortune in Pattaya is to start with a large one!"

A Fool in Paradise

From the author of "Money Number One"

Following hot on the heels of his best seller, Money Number One, Neil Hutchinson continues his in-depth investigation into the tourist playground of Pattaya. This collection of short stories, originally published individually under the pseudonym 'A Fool in Paradise', form a collage of insights into the machinations of this fantastic city on the eastern seaboard of Thailand.

Anyone who has read Money Number One will enjoy this follow-up book as it reinforces the conclusions drawn and advice presented in the former through the personal experiences of the author. The tales are fast-paced, humourous, well written and ALL TRUE. Well almost.

Churchill quipped that "Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm." If that is true, then Neil is a success story because his love and enthusiasm for Pattaya and its people has not diminished over the years. The highs, lows, ups, downs, laughter and tears portray a convincing analysis of the human condition. As Neil says, "Pattaya is to a writer what a room full of fruit bowls is to an artist."

The last story, 'Footprints in the Sand', is a particularly poignant tale of just how the city can affect its visitors and guests, even those who should know better. Written with his heart firmly on his sleeve, it proves that no matter how smart we think we are or how old we get, we just never learn. This tale is a 'must read' for any foreign male contemplating a long-term liaison with a Thai lady.

"Using the pen name 'A Fool in Paradise' is not an accident. The opinion of both myself and I suspect, many others, is that I am probably the biggest fool in a city literally teeming with them. I am at my most stupid when the subject of relationships comes up so be warned. I swear if I live a thousand years I will never understand women."


The Fool is Back

A Fool in Paradise II (the sequel)

The study of human stupidity is not a new science but it certainly makes fascinating reading. An interesting thing about the human race is that if there is a way to screw up, someone will eventually stumble upon it. Enter the fool.

By the author of the Pattaya best seller Money Number One and the updated Money Still Number One, this the sequel to A Fool in Paradise, adding a further 32 stories to the colourful tapestry that is Pattaya, Thailand. In the opinion of many people including the author, Pattaya is the most wonderful place on the planet. As with A fool in Paradise, the stories are all true or based on true events.

'A Brief History of Pattaya' takes a lighthearted look at what the history books don't tell you whereas 'Miss Goodbar' offers advice to foreign men on how to choose, woo and cohabit with their Thai dream girl.

'Boys at Play' is the unofficial, unauthorized and unholy account of one holiday of lifetime. When you take six mischievous Aussie mates, add ten days of unsupervised freedom and put them together in South East Asia's number one party town, you get a true adventure of unbelievable proportions; full of fun, laughter, love, sex and tragedy. Why tragedy? Because none of them could ever speak about it, except amongst themselves. Apart from one photograph, this remains the only record of their tale.


A Fool's Diary

A hilarious romp through a year of expat living in Pattaya, Thailand.

Imagine leaving the comfort zone of your home, family and friends to venture into the unknown. Imagine discovering an alien paradise only to realize that here, you are the alien who has to try to fit into your new environment. Imagine stumbling through a year of discovery among a tapestry of blunders and imagine that, all the while, you don't have a clue what you are doing.

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